Did this event change venues?
Yes, due to reasons outlined HERE Soulstice 2017 has moved venues to The Midway San Francisco, with a day party at Aura San Jose.

When are set times coming out?
Week of Soulstice

Does my ticket I purchased before the venue change get me into both the What So Not day party and the event at Midway?

What time is each event?
Day party with What So Not and Vincent : 11AM – 4PM
The Midway : 5PM – 2AM

What does the VIP I bought before the move include now?
VIP is now just expedited entry to both venues – which you'll greatly appreciate day of show! We'll be selling this at each venue for MORE than the difference between GA and VIP, so if you bought this early you got a deal!

Can I buy tickets at the door?
You can buy tickets for the day party at the door starting at 1PM (to let all our full Soulstice ticket buyers in), and tickets for The Midway while supplies last – GET THERE EARLY.

Can I buy tickets for JUST the day party online?
No, you have to have a full event ticket. UPDATE: We are SOLD OUT of day party tickets online.

Can I buy tickets for JUST The Midway online?

How do I get from Aura to The Midway?
We have an option for a paid ‘party bus’ to The Midway from Aura and back on our ticketing page, there’s also several easy public transportation options available.

Is there parking at either venue?
Neither venue has dedicated parking, but there's plenty of paid parking lots/streets/etc. around both venues. We would still recommend taking a bus or uber for ease though.


Can I leave each event and come back?
No, once you enter a venue you can not leave and go back inside.

What is the age limit for both events?
18+ to enter, 21+ to drink and enter certain areas.

I’m under 18. Can I attend with a legal guardian?
No one under the age of 18 will be allowed into either venue, with or without a guardian.

What kind of ID do I need?
You must present identification to enter the festival and/or buy alcohol.
Any US government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth
US or foreign government-issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth
Foreign government-issued driver’s license/ID with color photocopy of passport (not valid for 21+ wristband. To purchase alcohol or enter VIP areas, a physical passport or US ID will be required.)
Temporary DMV documents proving you are currently renewing a license — ONLY if accompanied by passport or expired license

What if my ID is lost or expired?
Security will accept expired ID cards ONLY if accompanied by DMV renewal documentation. If your ID was lost or stolen, you must bring a government-issued interim license or passport.

I have concerns about refunds, venue travel, or anything else:
Send an email to contact@vitalmangement.com