About Our Venue Change

Dear fans,

Vital Events and White Rabbit Group were recently informed of several extremely troubling rules that were going to be enforced upon Soulstice 2017. Chief among these issues were: 1. No alcohol whatsoever was allowed to be sold (including beer and wine); 2. Elevated security requirements far beyond a normal event, including undercover officers; 3. The event had to end before midnight.

In consideration of the above, we have decided to relocate Soulstice to the more concert-friendly Midway in San Francisco's Dogpatch. The event will run until 2 am, with full bar service and standard levels of security. We will also be able to open at 5 pm so early birds can enjoy the sunset on the patio with great music and drinks.

Unfortunately, What So Not is unable to join us in San Francisco at the Midway. To make this up to you, he will be headlining the Official Soulstice Day Party in San Jose at Club Aura's patio on the same day as Soulstice. The event will run from 11 am to 4 pm (subject to slight change) and will be FREE for current Soulstice ticket holders. We will also have party buses available (ticketed separately) to drive from San Jose/Santa Clara to San Francisco and back the day & night of the event to ensure you can enjoy an easy and fun journey to and from both events if you so choose.

This sort of situation is an event company’s worst nightmare; at the end of the day, Vital & WRG will not stand to give our valuable fans and customers a bad time. We have worked extremely hard over the last few days to find a solution that we feel is an even better party than we had originally planned for you. We deeply appreciate your understanding, as well as the amazing response and help we have received from all of the artists, managers, and agents on the event, without whom this solution would never have happened.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below in the comments, or email contact@vitalpresents.com or check out the FAQ.

Vital & White Rabbit Group